About Our Studio

Dimension Zero Studios

is a partnership started by two brothers in 2016 out of Cupar Saskatchewan. Both decided to enter the VR games market after hearing about the Oculus Rift on the Joe Rogan podcast. The new studio was officially founded when the Oculus DK2 was purchased and recieved. The first game they wanted to release was a spaceship racer, to get an idea of how to build a game for VR. This game is called Astrokarts: VR Space Racing. After lots of research they decided to go with Unreal Game Engine as their program for building their games. They have a few more ideas in the pipeline and are looking forward to expanding their company as the ideas get bigger.

Jarrod and Joe Anderson have been around computers and musical instruments from birth, and have excelled in areas to do with technology and art. Jarrod graduated from S.I.A.S.T.s New Media course, and recieved most improved student of the year. Joe went to the U of R and attended Computer Sciences, and Film.